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Server rate is $25 per server per hour, four hour minimum. Servers are not necessary at all events, but most events need them, especially if the group is large. They are available to set tables, set up stations, serve food, clear tables, cut cake, clear and wash dishes if necessary, and pour champagne (but they are not bartenders.) How many servers you need and for how long depends on your event. Servers on site for more than 8 hours are billed at time and a half or $37.50 per hour. Does not include gratuity. We also do not have separate cake cutting charges, or extra charges for pouring champagne, etc… Customized estimates are also available.


We can provide trained bartenders for your event, and we are insured with liquor liability insurance.  This enables us to pour any alcohol that you provide to your guests free of charge.  If you are charging your guests, then you must apply for a one day permit through the ABC. (OR find a company that has a liquor license, which generally charge accordingly)  As caterers, without  having at least a 5-year old established restaurant, we can not even apply for a liquor license, and thus can not sell you any alcohol or transport it for you.  However, we can provide everything else you might need such as cups, ice, drink bins, cocktail napkins, garnishes, mixers, etc. Please contact us if you have any questions about the laws regarding alcohol service…

Rates are as follows:
As part of an event we are catering: $35.00 hourly, 2 hour minimum
Bartender only: $37.50 hourly, 2 hour minimum.
One bartender can generally handle a crowd of over 100, and up to 150 if it is just beer and wine. If you have labor intensive drinks, or are approaching 150 guests, we recommend having a second bartender.  Crowds of 200 or more may want to provide a separate bar in a different location in the party… (We can also rent you the bar if you need it!)


Ice, Cups, Cocktail Napkins, and Limes or Lemons $1.50 per person

Ice, Cups, Cocktail Napkins, Garnishes, and Mixers of your Choice for one Cocktail $2.50 per person

Ice, Cups, Cocktail Napkins, Garnishes, and Mixers for up to five Cocktails $3.50 per person

Vegetarian or Gluten Free?

Don't forget to ask about our vegetarian and gluten free menus!