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RedTail Catering and the Los Willows Wedding Estate Spark a Relationship


Los Willows Private Wedding and Event Estate

RedTail Catering is pleased to announce the new 2017 partnership with the Los Willows Wedding Estate, one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Fallbrook. Not only are we partnering with Los Willows but with Paradise Falls, its sister company. To start off the relationship, RedTail Catering will have control of the ULTIMATE menu. We are beyond excited to bring our menus into these venues and to continue to provide value to our customers! If you are interested in more information regarding weddings or tastings, call or send us an email! For information regarding weddings, tastings, and property walk-throughs, contact the Los Willows Private Wedding and Event Estate.


Paradise Falls Private Wedding and Event Estate

This private wedding estate tucked deep within Oceanside provides newleyweds with an Oasis they'll never forget.  From horse-drawn carriages to lush waterfalls, Paradise Falls has something for every couple! For more information regarding weddings, tastings, and property walk-throughs, contact Paradise Falls Private Wedding and Event Estate.

What do weddings and food have in common?

Both weddings and food bring people together. We believe our addition to these venues will help people remember what good food tastes like and our emphasis on quality will ignite conversation amongst the attendants. Weddings are for making memories and we hope to bring excitement to each and every guest through our delicious food!

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Vegetarian or Gluten Free?

Don't forget to ask about our vegetarian and gluten free menus!