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RedTail Catering and the Los Willows Wedding Estate Spark a Relationship


Los Willows Private Wedding and Event Estate

RedTail Catering is pleased to announce the new 2017 partnership with the Los Willows Wedding Estate, one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Fallbrook. Not only are we partnering with Los Willows but with Paradise Falls, its sister company. To start off the relationship, RedTail Catering will have control of the ULTIMATE menu. We are beyond excited to bring our menus into these venues and to continue to provide value to our customers! If you are interested in more information regarding weddings or tastings, call or send us an email! For information regarding weddings, tastings, and property walk-throughs, contact the Los Willows Private Wedding and Event Estate.


Paradise Falls Private Wedding and Event Estate

This private wedding estate tucked deep within Oceanside provides newleyweds with an Oasis they'll never forget.  From horse-drawn carriages to lush waterfalls, Paradise Falls has something for every couple! For more information regarding weddings, tastings, and property walk-throughs, contact Paradise Falls Private Wedding and Event Estate.

What do weddings and food have in common?

Both weddings and food bring people together. We believe our addition to these venues will help people remember what good food tastes like and our emphasis on quality will ignite conversation amongst the attendants. Weddings are for making memories and we hope to bring excitement to each and every guest through our delicious food!

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What is the thing I should be the most concerned about when ordering a catering?

Well I’d have to say two things: The first difficult issue is finding options for our vegetarian friends, and making sure that all the other guests don’t eat that food before the vegetarians do! The second biggest concern for you as the planner is to know how many people are actually coming to your event, and how many to order for. Sometimes this is difficult, and although are portions are generous, we always recommend ordering enough for people who may or may not show up…

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What happens to the leftovers?

What happens to the leftovers?

If we are at an event that lasts over four hours we ask that our staff gets a chance to eat, since this is overage that we had planned on, otherwise they are yours, since you have paid for them. (but you don’t HAVE to take them if that is not convenient!!!)

Will your staff box them up for me?

Yes, but please remember to provide some containers or order some from our website with your catering. They do not come automatically with the catering, but are inexpensive…

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What do the servers do and when are they required?

For a sit-down dinner the servers act as your waiter and bring plates of food to your guests. If the meal is buffet style, then the servers will serve the guests, refill the serving dishes, clear plates and clean up. Our servers will also be happy to assist you by setting tables, cutting cake and even washing your dishes. Our servers may help you by pouring wine, or champagne toast but should not be considered bartenders. Of course you may naturally want servers, but they are required at our discretion when a group is so large (typically more than 30) that all the food can not be set out at once without having to refill dishes (especially hot chafing dishes).

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What is included in the cost of my catering, supposing I don’t need servers or rentals?

Your price includes: High quality plastic disposable plates, forks, and knives, unless you wish to rent china. Also includes thick, dinner-quality paper napkins, all beverage cups, etc. No service or delivery charges to apply unless discussed with the client beforehand. Price includes delivery of and set up of all food items and any equipment needed to keep them at safe serving temperatures for two hours. (Chafing Dishes, Ice, etc.) Price also includes pick-up of our belongings (trays, etc) at a time pre-set by you.

Price does NOT include gratuity, as we do not believe any gratuity should be mandatory!

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Welcome to our blog

Welcome to the Redtail Catering Company. Please bookmark our blog and check bag often for news, reviews, testimonials and even recipes we think you'd like to try.

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Vegetarian or Gluten Free?

Don't forget to ask about our vegetarian and gluten free menus!