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Are you looking for a top notch San Diego Caterer to prepare quality food for a great price? Are you interested in adding value to the benefits you're offering your employees? Look no further! RedTail Catering offers full catering services specifically designed for companies large and small.  



Why should your company choose catered meals? 

It can take a lot of work to recruit and hire exceptional talent, so the last thing you want is for employees to move on to another company or even a competitor. Professionals are busier than ever and making work their sanctuary is our goal. By offering free meals to employees, businesses increase employee retention. Instead of splitting up into smaller groups or walking into a restaurant and standing in line for 20-30 minutes, unexpectedly, managers have the ability to control the envirement's variables by offering catered lunches. Increasing in-person quality time among co-workers produces candor, productivity, and happier employees. Ordering catering services for your employees shows them that you have gone the extra mile for their appreciation! 

Why RedTail Catering as your preferred San Diego catering service?

The passionate employees of RedTail Catering can create formulated weekly meal schedules tailored to your event budget and feel. We believe in great food which means there is zero compromise on quality based on the budget of your event. We do everything from boxed lunches to elegant, plated meals! If you're looking to excite your employees as well as have them feeling empowered, book an action station! Action stations leave all of the deciding up to your employee and the cooking is done directly in front of them! In action stations, ingrediants are separated, leaving no questions for employees with dietary restrictions. These ingrediants are then mixed together to create an extroardinary dish, designed by the employee personally. At RedTail, we work hard to make customers feel appreciated which is why we go out of our way to recognize dietary restrictions. 

How can a company know it is getting the best price for a catered meal?

Do some shopping. RedTail Catering is positioned to be the leading provider of quality service for the best price. Many companies in the business will forget to mention that they have surcharges and hidden fees, but with RedTail, you will not be surprised! Everything we offer is made fresh. We are committed to catering San Diego and all of it's businesses! Ask for a quote today!

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Vegetarian or Gluten Free?

Don't forget to ask about our vegetarian and gluten free menus!